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As our name suggests, Apple Academie holds an enviable position of superiority in providing our students with the quality education that they deserve.

People are increasingly becoming concerned about the various facets of a global education. A global education provides you the benefits of a multi-cultural environment, opportunities for global networking and access to world class facilities.

To help you realize your dreams of a global experience, we offer comprehensive and specialized training for GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, HAAD, DHA, PROMETRIC (SAUDI, OMAN, QATAR), CRNE, ACLS, BLS and NCLEX-RN.

Our approach to help you prepare for these exams is not through the conventional methods of traditional teaching but through a confluence of modern methods that involve confidence building and effective learning.

Why Apple Academie for Coaching?

Exceptional faculty

Our faculty is committed, well qualified and are experts in their field. They are well versed in teaching our students on how to approach a problem analytically and precisely. Our facilitators regularly update themselves with topics which others may ignore or be unaware of.

Exhaustive study material and Library

vast and comprehensive study material has been designed by our experienced faculty members, meticulously tailored for effective comprehension of content. Another plus point of Apple Academie is its exhaustive library which is a repository of resource materials.

Mock tests

As it is essential to learn to adapt to the stressful and demanding situations of the final exam, our mock tests train our students to face the most challenging of situations.

Small class size

To ensure personal and customized assistance, all batches are capped at 15 students. A typical class consists of 6 - 8 students.

Conveniently located

At the very heart of Cochin - Vytilla, yet away from the noise and traffic of the city.

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